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Penn Gold Buyers now provides fundraisers with a new and way to raise money for non-profit organizations. Imagine having the people who support your organization (school, church, athletic team, social club, fire hall, band, non-profit...) participate in your gold fundraising event that allows them to leave with cash! And believe us your suppoters recieving cash instead buying something they don't really want or need makes them very happy campers. They bring their unwanted gold and our expert apraisers evaluate their items and offer them cash on the spot. Once they accept our offer we purchase the gold from the people who were invited to the fundraiser, then we pay a percentage of the items bought to the organization. This is a real win win situation as your supporters get their money and your organization makes money too.
In these tough economic times, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for non-profit organizations who rely on donations to meet their fundraising goals. We have solved this issue by creating this program. Please review the information below to see how the entire process works. You will be impressed with how easy this fundraiser is and how lucrative it can be with just a little bit of promotion.
• Raise funds with the purchase of gold jewelry.

• Jewelry can be broken, out-of-style, etc.

• Sellers do not incur any expense, but instead receive cash for     the sale of his/her old gold.

• Capitalize on the high price of gold.

• More lucrative than most Fundraisers.

• We make a sizeable donation to the fundraising organization.

• Price paid is highest in the industry and based on the price of     gold the day of the fundraiser.

• Cash is paid on the spot.

If you are interested in holding a gold fundraiser, please call us at 877-872-2037 or fill out the form above so that we can discuss the in detail your fundraising efforts and review any details or questions you may have about this fantastic opportunity.

Fundraising made easy!