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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Penn Gold Buyers purchase?
Click here to see a list of brief items we buy. We will typically buy anything with gold in it.
Does Penn Gold Buyers pay on the spot?
Yes. We will pay CASH to you the same day we come test your gold.
Does Penn Gold Buyers actually come to my house to pick up my gold?
YES! You don't even have to drive down the street. We will come to you...test your gold and pay you CASH on the spot.
How is a Penn Gold Buyers Gold Party different from other home parties?
At an Penn Gold Buyers Gold Party, we pay you. Instead of buying, you're selling, which means you go home richer than you walked in. That's true whether you're a guest or the host. Got a tight schedule? Once you've made your gold sale, you can say so long to the host and head out. What's more, Penn Gold Buyer' skilled professionals offer more than knowledge and expertise -- they're also a lot of fun.
I'd like to host a party. What do I need to do?
If you're ready to have a great time making money, give us a call to book a party date at 877-872-2037. Pick a place -- your home, business, or rented hall -- and invite your friends and family. Learn more by visiting our Gold Party page.
How much can I make as the party host?
That's up to you. As an Penn Gold Buyers Gold Party host, you not only get to sell your gold at the party, you also take a whopping 15% of the party's sales. Keeping that figure in mind, you'll do well to invite as many people as you can and encourage your guests to bring as much gold as they can. The average gold party can take in some $2,000. Automatically, that's $300 for spending time with friends and family in an atmosphere heady with gold fever. Plus you'll also make 5% commission off of any friends party that books a party with us from your party.
Any incentives for encouraging friends and family to book gold parties off of my party?
You bet. With an Penn Gold Buyers Gold Party, the money making doesn't stop just because the last guest says goodnight. Any party booked from your party makes you money -- an impressive 5% of that party is yours per party-- so be sure to encourage your guests to book a gold party of their own. Not only is it a money maker for them, but it means more cash for you.
In what areas does Penn Gold Buyers offer Gold Parties and Fund Raisers?
Today, we cover destinations all across Pennsylvania. We will drive almost anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania to pay customers for their gold. Just call us to find out if we'll come to you.
Do you weigh my gemstones with the gold? 
We do weigh your gold items completely intact, gems included. This is great for you because you get paid for the weight of your gold AND the gems inside! If you'd like to have those back, we will remove what we can at no cost to you.
I'm 16 and selling these items for a friend. Is that acceptable?
According to Pennsylvania State law, customers selling gold must be at least 18 years of age and the legitimate owners of any property presented for sale. Be sure to have proper identification and documentation as you may be asked to provide proof of age and ownership.
How much time does it take to have my gold tested and to get paid?
A typical appointment last anywhere from 15-30 minutes. It depends on how much gold you have to test.
What are your hours of operation?
Penn Gold Buyers tries to accept appointments seven days a week. Please call to see when we can meet with you.
How can I get more information?
For more information, please call Joe at 877-872-2037.